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Practical Wisdom learned from the Winter Solstice & Water Element

Here comes Winter Solstice – the longest night of the year. I have some friends and patients who have a hard time with the cold and the darkness of winter. […]

Water to Wood – Lessons from the Birth of Spring

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The five elemental phases, also known as the five elements, are a key theoretical structure of Chinese medicine. This article is part of a series that looks at some seasonal […]

Our new cancellation policy

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After a lot of research and discernment, we have made significant updates to our cancellation and no-show policy, and as of February 1, 2021, we will be making a concerted […]

Essential skincare touchstones for when things are falling apart

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We’ve made it to September of 2020 This part of the year is typically what people refer to as the “home stretch”–we’re right on the cusp of the holiday season. […]

Acupuncture Treatment of Neck Pain at Watershed Wellness

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  In no other time in history has remote connection been such a vital part of every aspect of our lives. Work, school, and even our social interactions with loved […]

Our new location in Astoria – at Pier 1

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The rumors are true! We are adding a location to better serve the North Coast and Southwest Washington. Within six months of our opening in January 2017, it was apparent […]

A basic primer on the Chinese medicine view on living seasonally

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From a Chinese medicine perspective, it is essential that we learn to live in harmony with the seasons. There is, of course, no monolithic “Chinese medicine perspective” but all lineages […]