Lilly Galles, LE

I am a “Holistic Beauty Practitioner.” What does this mean to me? I combine individualized services, high quality organic skincare products and the sharing of radical self care practices with my clients. This combination results in deep relaxation and energetic restoration that ultimately results in resonant skin health.

My main focus is to create a renewing experience by customizing every treatment to fit each individual.

I work with my clients to pinpoint an effective and appropriate treatment plan. When leaving Watershed Wellness after having a skin care service with me, I want you to feel relaxed, mindful, and deeply satisfied. I can also help you find an ideal at home skin care regime that fits your needs and preferences.

My personal experience helps me to empathize with and understand my clients’ concerns.

I have sensitive/dry skin that can be reactive to external factors. I also have an autoimmune disease and I understand managing flares and skin reactions to medications. I keep in mind that many skin concerns stem from factors beyond your control. That doesn’t mean you are powerless to respond to them!

Like all practitioners at Watershed Wellness, I seek to maintain a trusting and non-judgmental atmosphere in the treatment room.

I have been practicing esthetics full time for over 5 years. In that time, I have seen some skin care companies use marketing to target clients’ insecurities in order to sell more product. Know that we do not support this at WW, and I will never make judgements on your skin or body, but seek only to share relevant information that helps you reach your goals.

I was raised in Northern California and recently moved to Astoria for beautiful nature activities, artistic inspiration, and to seek a community to which I can belong. I have a love for animals, hiking, painting, cooking (eating), and trying new adventures!

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