Essential skincare touchstones for when things are falling apart


We’ve made it to September of 2020

This part of the year is typically what people refer to as the “home stretch”–we’re right on the cusp of the holiday season. Sports are usually in full swing by now. All of those “1st day of (insert grade here)” photos are popping up on your friend’s social media.

But, as we’ve come to find out in 2020–there is no“business as usual” right now. In the spirit of normalcy being taken away from us, I’ve been reflecting on this business of beauty that I’ve been a part of for 14 years. A big question stands in front of me.

How do I proceed with the business of beauty, when beauty is the absolute last thing on people’s minds right now?

It’s a valid question. How can we possibly think of getting a facial, when the world is burning (literally) and there’s a global pandemic without a foreseeable end in sight? For me, the answer actually came quickly, as it’s how I’ve felt about facials/skin care in general for the last decade or so. Facials, and our skin care routines at home, are simply about self care.

When everything seems to feel impossible, we can perform acts of self-love and acceptance in a way that also gives us back some control to the events happening around us. Skin love is self love.

It’s nice to be reminded of a simple way to approach skin care. Or at least, examining some simple avenues that can put a person in a comfortable, low maintenance place where skin care is concerned. Here are three skin truths to stick in your toolbox, for current and further times ahead.

It’s ok to not have a big, robust skin care routine right now.

We’re definitely practicing low maintenance routines as a part of our daily lives right now, and some not by choice. And that’s okay. If it’s all that you can do to wash your face at night, great. The important part, is taking some time to have yourself a little skin ritual, even if it’s just a minute or two–let some warm water splash onto your face. Use your thumb and forefinger to slide along your jawline, from chin to ears, to do some light stagnant fluid drainage. Hang your head over a big bowl of steaming green tea to absorb antioxidant benefits. Try to get in for a facial.

If you can get away with doing very little at home, your esthetician can fill in the blanks with a complex facial treatment, and while we’re on that subject: everyone could use a little healing right now.

Nighttime is the best time.

If you just can’t bring yourself to perform a skincare ritual twice daily, drop your AM routine and just take care of your skin at night. Or at least, take better care of your skin at night. Washing your face only in the PM, and applying all of your beautiful antioxidant serums and night creams, gives your skin a chance to repair and rebuild overnight, when you’re sleeping and in your optimal repair mode anyways.

Transepidermal water loss occurs while you’re sleeping, so give your skin a fighting chance by being extra sweet to it before bed. Wash the day away away (and by day, I mean dirt/debris/pollution/smoke/everyday toxins), and in the AM, wash your face with water only. Follow that step with your nomal serums, toners, moisturizers, whatever constitutes your normal daytime routine. A simple water wash in the AM, also means you won’t rinse off all of those natural barrier repair and antibodies built up overnight. This is especially beneficial, in a time where we have physically become more sensitive to environmental changes.

Make friends topically and internally with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is crucial to, well, pretty much everything. It’s a collagen building block. It’s a huge preventative measure against cardiovascular and microvascular changes in the body due to smoke inhalation. It’s super high in antioxidants, which fights against free radicals and UV damage to the skin. Vitamin C is cheap to come by, and very low commitment. Perfect for these trying times, when we’re rife with grief or trauma and can’t seem to bring ourselves to perform the self-care that we were previously accustomed to.

In a world where we will continue to see the effects of climate change and otherwise, specifically health and environmental changes, it’s a great time to start implementing some necessary changes to your usual behaivor, at a pace that feels comfortable to you.

And scheduling a facial somewhere that is paying attention to virus transmission guidelines may be just the thing to soothe you when you’re feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. It’s not just the skincare, of course, but the connection and conversation.

We are here for you at Watershed Wellness during these impossible times. If you’re ready for some deep self care outside of the home – I’m here ready to assist!

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