Melissa Henige, LMT

My name is Melissa, and I'm so excited to be part of the team at Watershed Wellness!

I’m originally from a small working-class community in farm country in Michigan. I spent time living in many places throughout the world before settling here on the North Coast. I have lived here for 8 years, recently taking a hiatus to go to massage school in Hawai'i at the Maui Academy of Healing Arts. I am grateful for the community, trees, and beauty of this place.

Prior to leaving for massage school, I was working here in Astoria at the Harbor as their Health and Care Partnership Coordinator. In the last 10 years, I've also taught yoga, mindfulness practices, and have done coaching to help people to come into a more connected, less shame-oriented resonance with their bodies.

Sometime last year, I decided to seek training in massage therapy. It is a modality I've benefitted from significantly. Regular massage therapy helped me maintain relaxation and connection to my body, even when close to burn-out with my work in public health. Massage therapy was invaluable in my healing process as I grieved the loss of a relationship, even though I didn't discuss my life situation with my massage therapist.

I've also experienced great benefit in healing from injury with massage therapy. I had a fall and was not able to walk without an immense amounts of pain. Unfortunately, imaging didn't show anything obviously wrong and my primary care physician was unable to prescribe anything that provided relief. I went to a massage therapist who found dysfunction in my piriformis, and with a single session I was able to walk with more ease and less pain.

I’ve spent a good chunk of my life trying to learn ways to help lessen all kinds of suffering in myself and others.  I find myself in awe with the many ways that massage therapy can help – either on its own or in conjunction with other therapies. I sincerely hope I can share these wonderful benefits, and more, with my clients at Watershed Wellness!

The primary modalities I learned in my training are Swedish and Deep Tissue. However, I also have been exploring craniosacral therapy, Thai and Ashiastu massage, and Lomi-Lomi. Lomi-Lomi is a Hawaiian style of massage that I was taught by Maka’ala Yates, a healing elder passing down the lineage.

I treat the body as already whole. I enjoy problem solving with clients when it comes to alleviating pain and tension. And I find it important to provide a strong presence and deep care, in addition to proper techniques, in pursuing nourishment and relaxation for my clients.

Many blessings, and I look forward to working with you!

Rachel Torres, LMT

My name is Rachel Torres, I am a licensed massage therapist from Illinois who is very excited to be a part of the Watershed Wellness team.

I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, from Northern Illinois University. Knowing I wanted to pursue a career in holistic health care, I continued in a graduate program at National University of Health Sciences and graduated with my Master of Science in Acupuncture in 2022.

Note : We are still waiting on Rachel's acupuncture license to be verified by the state of Oregon – but she can take massage clients in the meantime and her schedule is open.

As an intern, I worked closely with patients of the veteran’s hospital in cases of complex pain, post-traumatic stress and emotional health. I also found an interest in women’s health, in cases of infertility, menstrual issues, and pregnancy. Upon completion of national board exams, this Spring, I look forward to accepting acupuncture appointments.

During my acupuncture education, I found a love for massage and bodywork.  I enrolled concurrently in a massage therapy program and completed my education at the School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology in 2021. I opened my own massage practice in a busy Chicago suburb where I was fortunate to see many patients with a variety of conditions. Although the decision was difficult to leave my practice, I knew I needed to follow my heart to the Pacific Northwest and am very excited to serve my new community in Astoria.

I want my patients to feel empowered in their health. I offer a safe space for patients to share openly and ask questions about their health concerns, free from judgement. I work with patients to connect to their bodies, both physically and mentally, to establish confidence in body awareness. This body awareness allows the power to remain present and provides a deeper understanding and connection to ourselves, where we can notice signs of “dis-ease” or pain sooner than later. Together we can address these concerns and provide an individualized treatment approach to decrease pain and strengthen the body.

Coming from Chicago, I am so excited to explore the beauty and adventure that Oregon has to offer. Outside of the clinic, you may find me exploring hiking trails, cuddling with my cat, Mango, or covered in paint from my latest art project.

Dr. Allie Evans, ND

Note : Dr. Evans is not currently accepting new patients, but will evaluate her wait list regularly. Please call if you'd like to be put on the waitlist. 503-974-0914

About me

Since the age of 4, I knew I would be a physician.

I just did not know exactly how that journey would play out. As a pre-med student at the University of Michigan, I was working in the university hospital observing a model of medicine which felt like it was based on managing diseases rather than asking the question “why”. At the same time, I began being curious about more gentle ways to support the body in its innate ability to heal itself. These two paths intersected in the discovery of integrative medicine.

I deeply believe in working as a team with my patients to meet them where they are and finding the gentlest means possible to treat the cause of the disease, not simply symptoms.

My paradigm

I practice integrative family medicine. What does this mean?

  • I use the gentlest medicine with the least harm.
  • I search for and treat the root cause of disease rather than chasing symptoms.
  • I believe in removing the obstacle to vitality rather than minimizing symptoms of the blockage.
  • I honor the patient’s inner knowing of themselves and their autonomy and sovereignty in medical decision-making. We work as a team, not a hierarchy.
  • I practice individualized medicine. As human beings, we all have a unique blueprint, we all get sick in unique ways and require treatment plans to match that.
  • I believe in an approach to medicine that integrates both western and Naturopathic medicine and celebrates what each has to offer.

Services offered

  • Annual exams – check-ups, paps, well child exams, well woman exams
  • Gynecology
  • Lab work – performed in clinic
  • Family planning, contraception (including IUDs), STD testing
  • Chronic disease management
  • Acute care/Urgent care – as available
  • Hormone management – menopause, gender confirming care
  • Mental health – including ketamine therapy and functional labs
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Prescription management – including customized compounded prescriptions
  • Functional lab testing/ Functional medicine

Naturopathic Medicine Facts

  • Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are trained in both Western and Naturopathic medicine
  • In Oregon, NDs are considered PCPs just as MDs, DOs and other primary care providers
  • NDs are in network with most major insurance companies
  • NDs can perform labs, write prescriptions and order imaging studies as well as refer to specialists. Not all Naturopaths choose to offer these services, but it is possible with our training & licensure in Oregon.
  • NDs have additional training in botanical medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, and some other specialized modalities.

Eric Grey, MS, LAc

eric grey practitioner astoria oregon

Note: Eric is currently only taking new patients that are direct referrals or limited patients on Triwest / VA benefits.

I have skill and interest in helping people resolve the kinds of chronic, debilitating conditions that they cannot seem to find help for anywhere.

Digestive problem that just won’t go away? Menstrual problems that make every month a living hell? Auto-immune condition with no solid diagnosis? Endless series of colds, flus and allergy attacks that leave you winded and feeling broken? I have experience with helping people in these situations and many more to find lasting health and a better orientation towards their bodies and the healing process using Chinese medicine.

While I do practice acupuncture, my primary focus is on Chinese herbs, and my practice is increasingly oriented towards this work. Herbs and acupuncture are excellent companions. Herbs are a little like getting an internal acupuncture treatment daily – they treat you over a longer period of time and in a gentle, gradual way. Acupuncture is a bit more direct, almost a “bigger dose” of the qi movement or whatever it is we are trying to accomplish, so it can really help things on their way. Both are wonderful!

Know that I do offer “herbs only” practice, which is great for people that have a fear of needles or who are receiving acupuncture care from another practitioner without herbs expertise. To learn more about the differences between appointments that include acupuncture and those that don't, you can call the front desk to discuss at 503-974-0914.

In Chinese herbalism, I follow a methodology that sticks as close to the Han and pre-Han dynasty classical texts of Chinese medicine as possible. These texts articulated a method for treating human disease that is timeless. While the environments we live in have changed quite a bit since 200BCE, the human body continues to manifest reactions in similar ways as it always has – further – the treatment philosophies laid down by the ancient Chinese simply WORK, no matter the time and place. I continue to study for hundreds of hours every year, mostly through the Institute of Classics of East Asian Medicine and

I also see it as part of my job to discuss with you what’s going on in your life.

Truly holistic medicine embraces all features of a person. I’m not a counselor, of course, and I certainly don’t pry where I’m not wanted. However, often during the therapeutic relationship, issues of life, vision, hope, personal organization and occupation come up. I’m there for you as a non-judgmental ear, ready to connect you with resources, brainstorm strategies, or simply listen. While this is a rarely discussed part of Chinese medicine, I believe it is an important one.

Something a little personal?

I live in Astoria, in Uniontown, and have since 2016 with my wife, Amanda Barp. We came from Portland, where we lived for 10 years, and I've been in Oregon since 1995, when I moved from Idaho. I have a daughter who is in her twenties and studying conventional medicine with designs on being a surgeon. We hope to figure out some ways to work together in the future!

I also love Philosophy, history, the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest, hiking and walking (you'll see me walking all over town) and all kinds of music. I'm a true animal lover and we currently have two cats in our house (one never talks about “owning cats.”) If you like, you can see the world through my eyes on my personal Instagram account.


Education & Training

  • Dual BS degrees from OSU / Biology & Philosophy
  • MA work at OSU / Applied Ethics
  • MSOM at National College of Natural Medicine, with Honors
  • Board certified in Acupuncture from NCCAOM
  • Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine from ICEAM
  • Herbal discipleship & clinical training from Heiner Fruehauf, PhD
  • Ongoing Canonical Chinese Herbal training from ICEAM including advanced seminars and SHL Lines Retreat

Professional Activities


Eric is currently in-network with most insurance companies, and also accepts MVAs, PIPs and worker's compensation claims.

NOTE : Not all insurance companies cover herbs-only practice if that is your preference. Please talk to us about your insurance benefits so we can make sure things are squared away before you come in.

To learn more about insurance billing click here.

Ryan McAfee, LAc

I am a nationally certified acupuncturist who appreciates the complexity of the human body and mind in a holistic way. This perspective allows me to look at the whole picture to fully understand why your health concerns developed in the first place.

I approach each patient as an individual and take the time to develop a treatment plan that is specific for your needs. My focus is on providing you with thorough, individualized and comprehensive care treating a wide variety of issues including headaches, musculoskeletal pain, stress related issues, irregular menstruation, digestive issues, insomnia, and practically any other concern. This is possible with a holistic perspective!

I received my undergraduate degree from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, and later found myself in an unfulfilling real estate career with a desire to be of a greater benefit to those around me. After great consideration, I entered the Masters Program at Texas Health and Science University in Austin, Texas. I quickly realized that this path forward would allow me to interact with the community on an individual basis while helping people achieve balance and restored vitality. There is no greater feeling than having a patient express that they feel better after a treatment!

As an intern at the Austin Acupuncture Clinic, I successfully treated several hundred patients with acupuncture, cupping and Chinese herbs. I continued this work as an acupuncturist for the P&O cruise line based in Sydney, Australia. In that position, I had the opportunity to provide treatments to patients on a daily basis. This allowed me to see how quickly acupuncture can change a person's health. These experiences significantly added to my excitement for providing these services to as many people as possible.

I am a life-long Texan, but always had a fascination with the Pacific Northwest region. I am beyond excited to begin a new chapter in my life and practice in Astoria! If you run into me outside the clinic, it is likely to be in the local shops searching for classic jazz and blues vinyl. Or you might see me out on a trail looking UP as I am an avid birder, and I am so ready to get out and explore the beauty Oregon has to offer.

I look forward to meeting you!

Lilly Galles, LE

I am a “Holistic Beauty Practitioner.” What does this mean to me? I combine individualized services, high quality organic skincare products and the sharing of radical self care practices with my clients. This combination results in deep relaxation and energetic restoration that ultimately results in resonant skin health.

My main focus is to create a renewing experience by customizing every treatment to fit each individual. I work with my clients to pinpoint an effective and appropriate treatment plan. When leaving Watershed Wellness after having a skin care service with me, I want you to feel relaxed, mindful, and deeply satisfied. I can also help you find an ideal at home skin care regime that fits your needs and preferences.

My personal experience helps me to empathize with and understand my clients' concerns. I have sensitive/dry skin that can be reactive to external factors. I also have an autoimmune disease and I understand managing flares and skin reactions to medications. I keep in mind that many skin concerns stem from factors beyond your control. That doesn't mean you are powerless to respond to them!

Like all practitioners at Watershed Wellness, I seek to maintain a trusting and non-judgmental atmosphere in the treatment room. I have been practicing esthetics full time for over 5 years. In that time, I have seen some skin care companies use marketing to target clients' insecurities in order to sell more product. Know that we do not support this at WW, and I will never make judgements on your skin or body, but seek only to share relevant information that helps you reach your goals.

I was raised in Northern California and recently moved to Astoria for beautiful nature activities, artistic inspiration, and to seek a community to which I can belong. I have a love for animals, hiking, painting, cooking (eating), and trying new adventures!

Amanda Koennecke, LE

No frills. No fuss. No fancy spa culture.

As an esthetician for 17 years, I’ve curated an esthetics practice that focuses less on pampering spa treatments and beautification, and more on skin care as a basic health right. With a pursuant interest in Hungarian and Korean spa culture, as well as Ayurvedic health systems, I’ve come up with an incredibly attentive hands-on treatment designed to nourish and detoxify your skin at a deep cellular level.

I’m here to help, and I’m obsessed with results and nurturing client relationships for the long-term.

My approach to skincare:

  • I’m here to help you relax, but I’m also here to make you look and feel your best.
  • I believe in using only organic and sustainable products, and have chosen to work exclusively with a high quality, cold-pressed skin care line.
  • I recognize that acne also happens at an adult age.
  • I'm mindful of how environmental factors such as sun and pollution are contributing to acne, redness, irritation, and other conditions in the skin
  • I know that healthy skin goes beyond which products you’re using. Diet, lifestyle choices, accrued allergies, your current stress level, and genetics all play a part in how your skin functions. Together we’ll come up with a plan that suits you, whether it’s a full recommendation or something a little more low-maintenance.
  • I won’t ever judge you for your skin care routine. I don’t care if you only use a washcloth to clean your face, or if you’ve used the same moisturizer for years. I’m here to administer professional treatments and help you navigate the surplus of skin care information available on the market. We'll work together to find a routine that’s comfortable and that makes sense to you.
  • Years of experience in customer service has given me the tools to make people feel comfortable and safe in my treatment room. I've treated folks from all walks of life and welcome diversity in my practice.
  • I’ll never sell you a skin care product that you don’t need. I’m a big fan of working products into a regimen at a pace that's tailored to you, and there’s never any sales pressure.

Professional experience and training:

  • Watershed Wellness 2014-current (Esthetician)
  • Eminence Organic Skincare regional training 2007-present Portland, OR (Education)
  • Eminence Organic Skincare Sacremento, CA-Vancouver, BC (2011) (Education/Advanced training)
  • Skincare/Esthiology Educator/Makeup Educator at Aveda Institute, Portland (Jan ‘16-Sep ‘17)
  • Ruby’s Spa McMenamin’s Edgefield 2007-2014 (Esthetician)
  • KOiPOD, Portland, OR 2006 (Wax specialist, Esthetician)
  • TIGI/Bedhead cosmetics Makeup Artist (2004-2006)
  • European Institute of Cosmetology 2005, Portland, OR (Facial Technology)
  • The International Dermal Institute 2007, Las Vegas, NV ( Education)
  • Mt Hood Community College Cosmetology program 2013 (Guest Speaker)

Interested in experiencing my work firsthand? Schedule your appointment today!

Need to know more about what I have to offer? Head over to our services page.


Amanda Barp, LMT

I started thinking about massage therapy as a career in 2002. I was a recent transplant to Oregon and taking a year off of school to gain residency in Oregon. As an undergraduate at Oregon State University, I started exploring the fields of Philosophy and Women's Studies. As a practical person at heart, I started wondering how the culture and the world around us affects us as embodied beings. Realizing that I'd entered into two fields that don't have much application outside of academia, I decided to see what it would be like to take some of the theory of what I was learning into practice by learning massage.

My background in Feminist Philosophy has given me a unique understanding of how we, as individuals, are affected by the outside influences of our culture, our place in the world, and how we are viewed by others.

My education has given me a nuanced understanding of how we walk through this world and the potential challenges that we might face as humans. The way we present in this world makes a difference for how we are perceived in by others, and oftentimes how we are treated by others. And that perception leaves an imprint on each of us. Regardless of how our bodies actually feel, moving through this world is a heck of a load to carry if you fall anywhere outside the status quo.

I completed my initial massage education in 2005 from Lane Community College. Shortly thereafter I moved with my partner, Eric Grey, to Portland and we started what has become Watershed Wellness. My role in Watershed Wellness is head of the massage department, head of finances, head of facilities and operations, and the one who makes sure that there are enough sheets to get us through the day.

I began my yoga practice 19 years ago when I moved from Nebraska to Oregon as a transfer student. I was delighted to find that I could take a class through Oregon State University and was lucky to have such a great experience with yoga from the beginning. This instilled in me the importance of first interactions with this practice. Fostering an environment of acceptance, understanding and non-judgment is very important to me, both in the yoga studio and as a massage therapist.

I completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training at The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center in 2015. I’ve been very lucky to have wonderful mentors who are willing to work with me as I begin this journey of teaching, most notably my teachers at The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center: Lisa Mae, Monicka, and Kate.

I continue to be amazed by the human body and how our daily movement and habits can affect how we move through our lives.

Massage therapy and yoga provide excellent outlets for understanding ourselves more deeply, while providing space in which we can strive to make sense of ourselves and our place in relation to each other and the world.

I've gotten really good at helping folks alleviate their daily aches and pains while tending to the body's response to the stress of life. I love to talk about bodies, and will probably throw in a little anatomy education whether it be in the massage room or the yoga class. It is my hope that you can feel the best you possibly can in your body so that you can do the things that you are meant to do in this world.

Education and Training:

  • Bachelor of Arts: Liberal Studies focusing in Philosophy and Women's Studies, Oregon State University 2004
  • Certificate of Massage Therapy, Lane Community College 2005
  • 200 hour yoga teacher training, The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center 2015
  • Ongoing movement and yoga education from The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center
  • Ongoing continuing education for massage and bodywork

Professional Activities:

  • Co-Owner, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Watershed Wellness
  • Small Business Development Center – ongoing business education and mentorship

Amanda is currently in-network with most insurance companies, and also accepts MVAs, PIPs and worker's compensation claims.

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Melinda Nickels, ND, LAc

I listen deeply to you and your story, and work with you to find transformative solutions to emotional patterns, chronic pain, chronic disease or all of the above.

Once we identify the patterns in your physical, mental and emotional symptoms, I use that story to find treatments that will work for you, whether it be acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, mind-body techniques, nutrition or exercise. My goal is to help you find a state of dynamic balance from which you can more easily bounce back from health challenges and access the tools to stay healthy long into the future.

Melinda Nickels, ND, LAc

So, what’s my story?

I am a 2008 graduate of the National University of Natural Medicine with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) and Masters of Science in Chinese Medicine. During my time at NUNM, I also completed a two-year training in homeopathy from the New England School of Homeopathy; in the years since, I have continued study with leaders in the fields of homeopathy, naturopathy and mind-body focused acupuncture.

Natural medicine is not my first career.

I came to it after previous work in physics research, internet programming, and house building, all with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. My focus during those years was on positive and innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges, so that future generations might be able to enjoy the world as much as we have.

During this time, I learned that the best new solution was often an old one—that brilliant and simple solutions to problems we face today can often be found in the work of our predecessors, and that solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems can be found when tradition and modern science are brought together. This realization, combined with a life-long interest in health care, brought me to Naturopathic and Chinese medicine.

Since 2008, I have worked with hundreds of patients as a partner in their health care, cheering on their successes and working together through difficult times.

For me, this is the most rewarding and fulfilling work that I can imagine.When I’m not in the clinic, I’m often out walking with my partner in Shively Park or on the beach, doing ink and watercolor illustrations, singing, practicing Iaido (the Japanese art of sword drawing), or hanging out on the couch with our two kitties and reading.

Tia McBride, LMT

Tia McBride, LMT

My name is Lettia ‘Tia' McBride and I'm happy to be a member of the Watershed Wellness team.

My career began in 2008 after being diagnosed with scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. In researching how to take care of this debilitating pain, I wondered if I could take care of and help others.

After completing Moscow School of Massage in Moscow, Idaho from 2008 to 2009, I opened my massage practice. I enjoyed working for myself, but felt I wasn't reaching enough people. I found my true passion while working for a busy chiropractic clinic in Pullman, Washington, as well as massaging athletes through the WSU athletic center. I worked primarily with people healing from injuries and the disfunction that can result from surgery and injury.

This medically focused massage led to classes in deep tissue, trigger point therapy, scar treatment, and post-surgical care.

Inspired by childhood memories of my grandmother surviving breast cancer, I continued my studies in 2016 learning lymphatic drainage and scar tissue treatment for those recovering from mastectomy and breast augmentation. Watching her unable to lift her arm made a lasting impression on me and I'm proud to say that I have helped many women and transgender men improve their range of motion with my work.

After 12 years of chiropractic and clinical experience, seeing my patients walk out with more function and less pain than when they walked in still gives me immense satisfaction.

I make every effort to tailor each visit to that patient’s specific needs and goals. I truly enjoy using my skills, experience and my own medical journey to help the people of the North Coast.

Born and raised in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, I have a fondness of the outdoors. When not in the clinic, you can find me out on my kayak, hiking or backpacking with my beloved dog, Tula, and enjoying all that The Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Tia is currently in-network with several insurance companies, and also accepts MVAs, PIPs and worker's compensation claims.

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