Jin Jing Gong

Master Wang Qingyu & Heiner Fruehauf practicing Jin Jing Gong

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Qigong, like many martial arts, is transmitted through “lineages” that develop as masters teach disciples who in turn go on to become masters who teach their own students. This has traditionally often been something that moved within families – from parent to child – but has also happened outside of blood family bonds.

The lineage I primarily practice within is called Jin Jing Gong, or “Tendon Strengthening” Qigong, which was taught to me by Heiner Fruehauf, PhD. Heiner learned Qigong from his teacher, and our lineage holder, Master Wang Qingyu, as he sought to improve his own health following a shocking cancer diagnosis in his young adulthood. He credits Qigong as part of the foundation that allowed him to beat his cancer without chemotherapy or radiation.

I will be sharing more about the lineage and teachers in the near future.

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