Starting in February 2024 with the onset of the year of the wood Dragon, Eric will begin offering unique Qigong instruction to the North Coast community!

Season 2 begins on 5/23/24

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Is Qigong vigorous? Will I get sweaty?The type of Qigong we will be practicing can be readily adapted to your needs (as you'll hear me say repeatedly). I would say that, on average, you won't get sweaty as you would in a gym workout, nor will your heart rate get up into those kinds of levels.

You can make some aspects of the forms more vigorous, if you are wanting that energy, but you can likewise make them much less vigorous, if that's better for your situation.

Is Qigong OK for people who aren't very flexible / strong?Absolutely - and that's what I'd say for pretty much anyone asking about any condition of their mind or body. Qigong is for everyone!

Whatever you are working with, there are ways to adapt the movements and sequences to fit within your needs. If you have specific concerns you'd like to discuss - just reach out.

Can I do qigong from a seated position?Yes! While there are many movements that will need to be modified to be done in a seated position, it is completely possible. If you need to sit for part or all of class, I will do my very best to help you adapt the class to your needs.

That goes for whatever limitation you might be facing - qigong is for everyone - it just might take a little bit of time to make sure things are flowing well for everyone.

How often should I do qigong to get the most benefits?Qigong is at its best as a daily practice. Even ten minutes a day done regularly can have a tremendous power to transform your daily experience in a variety of ways. 

If finding quiet time and space to practice isn't possible daily, shoot for at least three times a week. In short, the more often the better!

What should I wear to qigong class?Loose fitting clothes that give you full range of motion. Multiple layers is usually helpful, as you may start out cold in a big well-ventilated room, but become quite warm by the end of the class!

PLEASE do not wear strong fragrances including liniments (Posumon, etc), perfume/cologne and essential oils to class.

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