Spleen channel

Spleen 3 – 太白 Tàibái

Spleen 3 is a point on the inside of the foot, behind the big toe. As you can imagine, it can sometimes be a painful point to needle due to the sensitive nature of the area. That said, when needled properly it can be comfortable and it is a wonderful point that is used for a variety of common conditions.

  • English translations : Supreme white, Greatest White
  • Point Properties :
    • Shu-Stream (Earth) : Shu-stream points are especially good for treating the solid organs (zang), so generally more chronic but serious diseases. In this case, it is an earth point on an earth channel, so is a super charger for the Earth energy.
    • Yuan Source : Yuan source points provide deeply nourishing energy to the associated channel and organ.
  • Official location (Deadman) : On the medial side of the foot in the depression proximal and inferior to the head of the first metatarsal bone.
  • Chinese medicine functions : Tonifies the spleen and resolves dampness, harmonizes the spleen & stomach, regulates the qi
  • Common conditions treated:
    • Heavy, tired body, especially the head and extremities
    • All kinds of digestive problems, particularly food allergies, weak digestion, diarrhea
    • Pain and bloating of the abdomen
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Pain of the knee and thigh

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