Six Conformations

The Six Conformations 六經 liù jīng, sometimes called the six warps, is one of the most well known systems of pathophysiological understanding in classical Chinese medicine. Like the 5 phases and the 12 organ systems, the 6 Conformations take all the structures & functions of the body and classify them according to a numerological framework.

In this case, the body is divided into 6 portions, each containing 2 of the 12 organ systems.

The system is frequently and most famously used to classify the progression of disease after an external invasion (cold, flu, similar illness). The symptoms, in an ideal case, proceed in a more or less orderly fashion through the conformations. The deeper the illness goes, the more challenging it is to heal, and the more damage to the body’s yang has generally been done.

However, the 6 Conformations can be used to understand and treat any illness, not just those caused by viral illnesses. Eric Grey uses the 6 Conformations to understand disease and treatment with every patient.

Name (Pinyin & Chinese characters)English TranslationOrgan SystemsTypical
Tàiyáng 太陽Greater yangBladder, Small IntestineMild fever, neck & upper back stiffness
Yángmíng 陽明Yang brightnessStomach, Large IntestineHigh fever, frontal headache, constipation
Shàoyáng 少陽Lesser yangGallbladder, Triple BurnerSore throat, temporal headache, ear symptoms
Tàiyīn 太陰Greater yinLung, SpleenDiarrhea, low appetite, low energy
Shàoyīn 少陰Lesser yinHeart, KidneySevere fatigue, cold body temp, insomnia or somnolence
Juéyīn 厥陰Reverting yinLiver, PericardiumHot flashes, dizziness, nausea/vomiting

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