Heart channel

Heart 7- 神門 Shénmén

Heart 7 is a point on the inside of the wrist, close to the wrist crease.

  • English translations : Spirit Gate
  • Point Properties :
    • Shu-Stream (Earth) : Shu-stream points are especially good for treating the solid organs (zang), so generally more chronic but serious diseases. In this case, it is an earth point on an fire channel.
    • Yuan Source : Yuan source points provide deeply nourishing energy to the associated channel and organ.
  • Official location (Deadman) : At the wrist joint, on the radial side of flexor carpi ulnaris, in the depression at the proximal border of the pisiform bone.
  • Chinese medicine functions : Calms the spirit, regulates and tonifies the Heart
  • Common conditions treated:
    • Insomnia, sleep talking, sleep walking
    • Poor memory, dementia
    • Various mental-emotional conditions, especially those involving anxiety and mania
    • Heart pain, palpitations, pounding heart
    • Painful and dry throat, spitting or vomiting blood

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