Telehealth is a word used to describe using online video tools to facilitate consultation

We currently offer Classical Chinese herbal consultations via telehealth for existing patients & family of existing patients

Eric Grey is currently the only practitioner officially offering telehealth appointments, and he is only offering this service to existing patients or, in the case of urgent/emergency situations, for direct family of patients. There are certain conditions and situations where telehealth is not appropriate, usually because pulse diagnosis is absolutely essential to proper dianosis of the condition, or due to overall complexity. We use a HIPAA compliant video conferencing tool called to facilitate these consultations. It doesn’t require anything more than a device with audio & video support and a stable Internet connection to use (your computer on your home network would work just fine). It is very easy to use.

You can learn more about here, including technological requirements and supported devices by clicking here. You do not have to sign up for a account to get telehealth services from Watershed Wellness. When you are ready for your appointment, simply go to at the appointed time.

How does it work?

These 15-30 minute video sessions run similarly to a typical acupuncture intake, with discussion of your symptoms being the bulk of the conversation. While during a video consult, we will  not be able to take your pulse or engage in other hands-on diagnostics, we can learn a great deal from your reporting of your symptoms, and sharing any blood tests or other information you may have. Further, if you have some history with the clinic, we can rely to some extent on previous diagnostic information to guide parts of our research. We may also ask to see your tongue and any visible abnormalities (swelling, rashes) during our session to assist with diagnosis.

It's of course true that part of this time is just talking. Particularly during this era of physical distancing, it's nice to have someone else to talk to and bounce ideas off of. Every practitioner has their own style of relating and advising their patients – we're fortunate we have this tool to help us do so even when we cannot be together!

As a result of the session you may receive:

  • Chinese herbal formula recommendations, with delivery of said formulas in a contact free manner
  • Dietary and other lifestyle advice
  • Qigong and other movements
  • Self massage instructions and delivery of self massage implement kits
  • Delivery of press tacks, ear seeds and moxa kits to do at-home treatment
  • Info sheets, web links and other sources of information if desired

What if you don’t have video capability or stable internet?

Unfortunately, Eric is unable to work with patients solely by phone, except for his ordinary check-ins with patients that existed prior to COVID-19. The pulse is very important in properly treating patients with Classical Chinese Medicine, and failing that, at least having a visual on a person is very important. While I acknowledge that not everyone has stable video capability, unfortunately for the work I do there is no way to get the appropriate information by voice only.

How much does it cost & what about billing insurance?

Classical Chinese Medicine practitioners can bill some insurance plans for telehealth appointments. Please contact the front office and ask to talk with Holly, the insurance billing manager, who can help find out if your plan covers telehealth.

The cash rate for these appointments is $60. Herbs themselves are an additional expense, and depending on the situation, can run anywhere from $1-$3/day. You will receive an invoice, payable online, after your formula is created and is out for delivery.

How will you get your herbs?

Depending on quarantine rules and your preference, we may offer the following:

  1. Contactless pickup of herbs at our clinic – must be scheduled in advance.
  2. USPS priority mail $9 shipping/handling fee, to you within 1-2 days, depending on your location.a picture of the herbs in zhi gan cao tang
  3. If you live in Astoria city limits, for a limited time, we are offering porch drop-off on Tuesdays and Thursdays for no additional charge.

Will the herbs be safe / free of coronavirus?

We are using the highest possible standards for a clinic of our size and type in everything we do now that we are gradually reopening. Formulas will be filled wearing gloves, using proper hand sanitation, by a masked staff member who is trained in our infection prevention protocols. We wipe down all bottles before putting them in a clean paper back with your initials.

We'll do everything in our power to assure you don't get sick from the herbs that are meant to make help you feel well. 🙂

How do you schedule?

For the time being, we have shut down online scheduling. We will be resuming it once we feel that our processes and procedures are running smoothly and our practitioners are adapted to the new flow of practice.

At this time you may schedule by calling the front office during normal business hours : (503) 974-0914. Even during quarantine, we are monitoring the phones and will get back to you quickly. Or you may email