Productivity and habit change counseling


Watershed Wellness practitioner Eric Grey has found that streamlining his own productivity has helped him immensely in his own life. Understanding habits and how they affect the choices we make has been a constant work in progress in his own practice.

What Eric has to say:

I have been devoted to consistent, balanced self improvement.  I've been studying material on productivity, habit change and lifestyle design for as long as I can remember (starting with books about how to clean my room when I was only 9 years old).  I have tremendous compassion for people who are contemplating a life change, but just don’t know how they can do it.

I will work with you to determine what changes need to be made and then develop a plan for stepwise, simple changes that get you to your goals.  I'm also committed to helping you monitor your progress using simple, free Internet tools.

Written by Watershed Team