shutterstock_101865583Moxibustion is the use of a special preparation of an herb, Artemisia or wormwood, that is placed on, or held near the body at specific points and burned, warming the body and producing a wonderful feeling of movement and nourishment. The burning material does not touch the skin, and we always practice moxa in a way that is within your comfort level.

Moxibustion is often used when cold or stuckness is at the root of a problem, and because of this, it is more common in chronic conditions – particularly those that involve a combination of pain and weakness as in a long injured knee. That being said, moxa also has use in acute injuries and forms an important part of my treatment of many cases of tennis elbow.

Most people find the heat from moxa to be very pleasant, particularly in the winter months. The feeling is similar to being in front of a campfire, but without your clothes smelling like smoke for weeks! Moxibustion is an excellent choice for working with acupuncture points and channels with people who are uncomfortable with needles.

Written by Watershed Team