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What people are saying about Eric Grey, Licensed Acupuncturist:

“Walking into the clinic itself is a first step to healing. The peaceful space with its filtered light, soothing sounds and earthy herbal smells wafting throughout are very welcoming. I was lucky to have had Watershed help me through a difficult pregnancy and postpartum complications with combinations of acupuncture and herbal remedies. I also have family whom were suffering from addiction and cancer treatment side effects. The treatments helped their recoveries and eased their struggles. Without a moments hesitation, I highly recommend this magnificent practice to those seeking relief from life’s ailments.”
– Melissa P.

“I’ve been seeing Eric Grey for almost two years and at this point, I really don’t know what I’d do without him. I came to him in really bad gastrointestinal and psychiatric shape. I was very much wrapped up in my Western medicine diagnosis and obsessed with self-diagnosing myself through WebMD. He was patient enough with me to help me understand Western medicine’s limitations and that I wasn’t stuck with my diagnosis. He not only asks about your physical ailments but cares enough to hear about all aspects of your life so he can put an entire picture together of your health.

He also takes the time to explain to you about Chinese medicine and treating the entire body. I’ve had some amazing progression in my health since seeing him and for the first time, I actually have a positive outlook on my health, which wouldn’t have happened otherwise.”
– Stephanie S.

“I’ve been seeing acupuncturist and herbalist Eric Gray for over a year now. The man is truly a healer – I’ve never been to such a safe, nurturing, and comfortable medical environment. I also appreciate Eric’s gentle but holistic approach to health; I’m so thankful we have folks like Eric in our community!”
– Andy H.

“Serious about helping people regain their health. I love the clinic space and location, and Eric has really helped me with his formulas. Highly recommend!”
– Karin P.

“Eric Grey is an amazing acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I have worked with him for over 2 years. He has helped me figure out some solutions to some very tough and frustrating medical conditions…all through his observation skills and deep listening. His keen insights and perspectives are a boon to the health of Portland’s residents. Go see this man. You will see amazing changes.”
– Gibran R.

“Eric Grey is the best acupuncturist I have ever been to! He is thorough, knowledgeable, and keeps you informed every step of the way.”

-Cathy B.

What People are Saying About Amanda Barp, LMT:

Amanda Barp

“Amanda has a holistic approach to her massage work. She combines an instinctive feel for the body with an extensive understanding of the mind-body sciences that results in personalized health and healing interventions for her clients. Simply put, she exceeds expectations and is the best massage therapist I have ever had.”
– Stephen R.

“I started visiting Amanda for massage during pregnancy. She was very sensitive to my specific needs as I got larger and more tired and I always left our monthly sessions feeling lighter and happier and ready to face the day. After I gave birth, I decided to keep up my monthly massage habit and I’m so glad I did, as I continue to benefit.”
– Genevieve M.

“Amanda is just reallllyyyy good at what she does! Responsive to what I want to focus on and then very skilled!”
– Kerry L.

“Amanda has a great bedside manner. She already knows my body and what I need. Has a fantastic sense of what is underneath the skin.”
– Susan R.

“I really like that Amanda is both kind and relaxing, but also that she gives me information about what she’s found in terms of tightness etc. after the massage. And what I can do to relieve tension etc. I’ve had massages before where it’s only about the massage, and no other information. I appreciate that it seems like Amanda comes from a place that is concerned with my holistic wellness.”
– Kristin S.

“Amanda is personable, incredibly genuine, and I truly believes she cares about her clients. I also really enjoy the fact that she educated me on what she is doing and gives me things to help improve myself in between appointments.”
– Catherine K.

“Amanda is very knowledgable, quiet during massage unless communication is needed, great personality, warm with a good sense of humor.”
– Lyn B.

“It never feels like Amanda is going through the motions. She is always engaged and thorough.”
– Dave H.

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