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Acupuncture is the most recognizable of the modalities in East Asian medicine – with good reason. It is effective for a wide range of conditions and is very safe when practiced by licensed practitioners. Acupuncture relies on unique Chinese medical science, Chinese medicine diagnostics, and treatment strategies in order to help patients feel better. Acupuncture is effective for pain, most famously, but is also effective for a broad range of acute and chronic conditions. To learn more, please explore the resources available on this page.

  • Chinese medical science

    Most people who live in the United States grow up learning things through a “biomedical” framework. This framework is based on particular ways of looking at anatomy, physiology and pathology. Chinese medicine does not share the same roots. It has unique ways of understanding the body and world.

  • Diagnosis in Chinese medicine

    Acupuncturists use classical Chinese medical methods of obtaining the information needed for diagnosis – rather than relying on blood tests and imaging as many biomedical providers do. Traditionally, the diagnostic process was broken down into “four pillars,” which are : looking, listening, asking and palpation

  • Acupuncture treatment

    Guided by diagnosis grounded in Chinese medical science, acupuncture treatment has been used for millenia to alleviate acute and chronic disorders of all kinds. It is the most well known modality in Chinese medicine, and has been developed into culturally unique versions in Korea, Japan, the UK and many other places.

  • Non-needle treatment

    While acupuncture is the most frequent hands-on modality used by Chinese medicine practitioners, there are several other ways of stimulating acupuncture channels and points. These are sometimes used in addition to needling, or can replace it in certain circumstances. These modalities are especially wonderful for those who have needle phobia.

  • Diet & lifestyle counseling

    No matter how many treatments you get from your acupuncturist or your massage therapist, the truth is that most of the time you’re out in the world getting good stuff done. That’s wonderful – we wouldn’t want you to spend your life in treatment! That said, sometimes working on your lifestyle – diet, exercise, productivity, organization, and so on – is key to making sure you get and stay healthy long term.


Useful Information about Acupuncture