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With a promising season of lush greenery and fresh blooms around the corner, spring will present us with an opportunity to engage the tradition of renewal. It’s a time to watch the natural world emerge, and to help ourselves do the same. In Portland, spring will bring back the lilacs and cherry trees, filling the city with color and a heady floral fragrance.

Also relevant this time of year: the need to detox and start thinking about an active spring and summer season ahead

In order to take full advantage of what the warmer seasons have to offer (more hiking, swimming, boating, gardening, picnicking, trips to the farms and farmer’s markets…), you’ll need to be in your best physical shape and health.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what makes me feel healthy, and some small steps I can take to modify my normal routine in order to ease into better habits. As a skin therapist, that means many things to me. Diet, exercise, and general self-care are my top priorities, and it’s always a reflection of my esthetics practice here at Watershed.

“What does being a skin therapist, or facials, have to do with your overall health,” you ask?  

A lot, actually. What if I told you I could actually detox or aid you in a personal cleanse just by giving you a facial?

It’s simple, really. Lymphatic drainage, a common form of massage and routinely touted in Eastern medicine as a necessary component, works to move stagnant lymphatic fluid that carries toxins and waste to the lymph disposal system, which detoxifies the body.

A number of noticeable benefits, like reduced puffiness, leaner jawline, and more energy, are just some of the ways in which lymphatic drainage is important. This type of massage, combined with natural skin care products and a variety of in-house concoctions, are all carefully designed to give you your best looking skin ever.

Sounds like a great start to spring, right?

Here are some other small steps I’m recommending for a rite of renewal.

  • Throw away your old spices and clean out your pantry. The desire to make clean, healthy dishes is a great way to kick start good routines, but not with 1-2 year old spices. Restock your ground ginger, turmeric, cumin, smoked paprika, and all other goodies to ensure a healthy pantry.
  • Stretch in the morning. The minute you wake up. Even if it’s just for five minutes, it’s better than not stretching at all.
  • Switch up your daily water intake. Add some herbs or citrus fruits to encourage good circulation and better hydration. Buy a new water bottle or thoroughly clean the current one you’ve got.
  • Clean off your feet and give them a good rub before you go to bed. Clean feet in a clean bed, along with a foot rub, will ensure relaxation and no grime from walking barefoot around the house. If you’re feeling spry–rub some tea tree or oregano oil on your feet before bed. 

Last but not least, I’ve designed a Spring Detox Facial as my seasonal facial, available in a 60 or 90 minute** version

In addition to the classic serums and masques from Eminence, you can expect:

  1. Sparkling water infused with fresh lemon slices and vanilla-scented black tea, for cleansing the skin. This concoction will serve up refreshing antioxidants and polyphenols with a caffeine kick to revitalize. Lemon and sparkling water provide a cooling, invigorating tonic.
  2. Lavender aromatic steam towels, to promote relaxation.
  3. A detoxifying lymphatic massage to aid in waste elimination through the skin, combined with a relaxing facial massage to follow.
  4. An arctic berry polypeptide cream, to finish with true radiance.

**The 90 minute includes a detoxifying menthol-camphor foot treatment and an ice compress application at the end of the treatment. Feels truly amazing.

Make an appointment on our website for a Spring Detox treatment.


You might want to try pairing it with a check-in with one of our Naturopaths, a series of Acupuncture treatments or a therapeutic and relaxing massage. Treat yourself right as we move into spring!






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