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“Will This Get Rid of My Wrinkles?”

In my line of work, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned point blank question from a client to whip me into focus.

Clients don’t want long, involved answers on how to take care of their skin. We’re living in a world where instant gratification and shortcuts are favored over involved routines and lengthy solutions. Skin care is no exception to this. Clients want an answer, and they want it NOW!

I’ve got a list of solutions for you, after many years of trials and tribulations in the treatment room. They’re not the only solutions, but they are one of many solutions that will make sense. Let’s get right to the point.

What are some of the most common point blank questions I get from clients?

Q. “How do I get rid of wrinkles?”

age corrective masque
Hyaluronic Acid. That’s exactly what Botox is–except, we all know that Botox is an animal by-product, which can’t be absorbed into the skin, hence why it’s injected. Lucky for us, organic or natural skin care companies have found a way to derive hyaluronic acid from plants. HOORAY.

Retinol alternatives are also a fabulous solution.


Q. “How do I get rid of zits?”

Probiotics, and being mindful of your internal health. Probiotics balance the internal bacteria that can cause acne. Find probiotics in yogurt, or special probiotic supplements. Better yet, come in to see one of our fabulous Naturopaths or our Nutritional Therapist for a consultation to discuss this vital aspect of skin health.

Q. “Does using cucumbers on your eyes to reduce puffiness really work?”

YES. In fact, you should pack your entire face with fresh cucumber every once in awhile. Cooling, naturally firming properties help lift and tone the skin, while reducing inflammation. We all know that inflammation is the chief cause of acne, right? So, it’s great for all skin types.

I’m actually offering a cold cucumber pack free with any facial for the entire month of August. Come try it out!

Q. “How do I make my dark undereye circles go away?”

Reduce your alcohol intake, don’t smoke, don’t rub your eyes when you’re tired, and get some fresh air. Dark circles are a result of lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, and rubbing your eyes could dislodge the tiny muscles under your eye, causing excessive wrinkles and sagginess (which could highlight your dark circles).

Q. “Does wearing makeup clog my pores?”

If you wear it to bed, yes. No one should be wearing makeup to bed, when it’s been coated in the dirt and debris from your daytime activities. Most cosmetic lines today offer high quality makeup free of parabens, mineral oils, and fillers. Almost all face makeup now includes SPF. So, no worries on wearing makeup during the daytime hours, and wondering if it’s causing your breakouts. What a time to be alive!

Q. “Can you recommend a product to pick up at a drugstore? I’m on a budget.”

No. You’re on a budget? Your skin isn’t on a budget! In fact, it’s the only skin you’ve got! It’s entirely possible to purchase a few key items and slowly build your arsenal of effective products. Also, high end products are meant to be diluted or used very sparingly. Spend $40 on a cleanser that’ll last you 3+ months, versus a $10 cleanser that lasts you a month. The math is real.

Filled with shelf preservatives, dye, and man-made chemicals. Retails at $5.50
Filled with effective, active ingredients sourced from plants. Retails at $38









Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear some more of your basic skin concerns or questions. There’s a good chance someone else has the same question you do. Get in touch with me and let’s see if we can’t get to the bottom of these issues.

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