Focus on Dr. Melinda Nickels, ND, LAc

Naturopathic Medicine as a profession is complex and diverse. Naturopaths are trained in the same biomedical anatomy, physiology and pathology as MDs, and are also similarly trained in pharmaceutical medicine and laboratory diagnostics. Additionally, they receive training in the use of many natural techniques to treat disease including : botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, minor surgery, IV therapy, nutraceuticals/supplements, diet & lifestyle counseling and more.

Because of this broad training, Naturopaths tend to differ from one another significantly in their approach to medicine and their preferred therapeutic techniques. This can be confusing for patients without a familiarity with Naturopathic medicine. This page, then, is an attempt to help you understand the practice of Watershed Wellness practitioner Dr. Melinda Nickels, ND, LAc, and how she approaches Naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Nickels is trained as a Naturopathic physician as well as an acupuncturist.

While she does see people separately for each medical modality, inevitably her understanding through each lens influences the other. Many people like to see her because of this multi-perspectival view, as she can recommend one approach or the other based on how she assesses your situation.

While Naturopathic Doctors in Oregon are permitted to act as primary care physicians, Dr. Nickels opts not to engage in this part of the scope of practice.

So while she is competent in and willing to order and read blood tests, order pharmaceutical prescription refills, and engage in other biomedical work for her patients, it is not a focus of her practice. This is in contrast to our other Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Allie Evans, who explicitly focuses on the more primary care portions of the Naturopathic scope of practice.

Dr. Nickels focuses on lifestyle & nutritional counseling, botanical medicine and especially homeopathic remedies in her Naturopathic practice. She is particularly well versed in Flower Essence therapy, a very gentle form of medicine with homeopathic qualities. These remedies are an excellent fit for patients who are quite sensitive and react to stronger forms of medicine.

To learn more about what brought Dr. Nickels to medical practice, and how she approaches the patient encounter, please check out her bio.

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