Focus on Dr. Allie Evans, ND

Naturopathic Medicine as a profession is complex and diverse. Naturopaths are trained in the same biomedical anatomy, physiology and pathology as MDs, and are also similarly trained in pharmaceutical medicine and laboratory diagnostics. Additionally, they receive training in the use of many natural techniques to treat disease including : botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, minor surgery, IV therapy, nutraceuticals/supplements, diet & lifestyle counseling and more.

Because of this broad training, Naturopaths tend to differ from one another significantly in their approach to medicine and their preferred therapeutic techniques. This can be confusing for patients without a familiarity with Naturopathic medicine. This page, then, is an attempt to help you understand the practice of Watershed Wellness practitioner Dr. Allie Evans, ND, and how she approaches Naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Evans practices “Integrative Family Medicine.”

This is a primary care focused version of Naturopathic medicine that centers holistic remedies and prevention, while strongly integrating biomedical diagnostics and perspectives.

She provides a host of primary care services at Watershed Wellness including:

  • Annual exams including Paps & well-child exams
  • Blood draws & Urine sampling (sent to external lab for processing)
  • Family planning including IUD management and STI testing
  • Hormone management including for menopausal symptom management and for gender affirming care
  • Mental health management including ketamine therapy and functional lab testing
  • Referrals to and coordination with biomedical specialists
  • Pharmaceutical prescription management
boxes of UNDA homeopathic remedies rest on top of a rack of plastic shelves containing single homeopathic remedies with labels describing each remedy

On the natural medicine therapeutics side, Dr. Evans works with the whole range of available interventions including homeopathic remedies, botanicals and lifestyle & dietary counseling. We have a complete Naturopathic pharmacy in house and can special order anything we do not have on hand.

To learn more about what brought Dr. Evans to medical practice and how she approaches the patient encounter, read her bio.

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