Comparing Community Acupuncture with 1-on-1 Care

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When people learn about community acupuncture (CA) they are often interested in how this treatment style differs from the more typical 1-on-1 treatment environment that we focus on at Watershed Wellness. While the situation is more complex than a simple chart can convey, here are the most obvious differences between the more typical 1-on-1 treatment style we offer here and our new community acupuncture offering.

Community Acupuncture (our new offering of acupuncture in a group setting)1-on-1 Care (the regular appointment type at WW)
SettingOpen area with several patients, less private, more communal, your practitioner is working with several patients simultaneouslyIndividual private consultation space, practitioner sees only one patient per hour in normal circumstances – more 1-on-1 attention
Treatment postureIn a heated reclining chair that can go significantly far back, but can never be flat. Side lying and face down posture is impossible.Multiple options including massage table where you can be completely flat, side-lying, or face down as needed. Chair also possible in this setting.
Treatment optionsAcupuncture only, Only conditions that can be treated with points on the arms & legs.Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, guasha, herbal medicine (additional treatment options depend on practitioner & diagnosis
Payment methodsNo insurance accepted, credit card required to sign up for an appointment.Insurance billing available for many plans, including VA benefits (with referral)
Cost$30Varies based on treatment rendered, treatment time & insurance company requirements (if insurance). If cash at time of service, new patients are $140 and returning patients are $115.
Duration~45 minutes, with 30 of that being resting with needles in place.~60 minutes, depending on practitioner and situation, with 30 of that being resting with needles in place
AvailabilityOnly one day per month for now. Interested in seeing our offering expand – answer our survey!. Only 2 of our practitioners are available at a time.6 days a week, many options available, all practitioners available.
Well suited forUninsured and underinsured people. Musculoskeletal pain conditions. Symptoms of stress & overwork. Increasing treatment frequency in the context of a more traditional treatment plan in the 1-on-1 setting.This treatment style is well suited to a wide variety of conditions, depending on the practitioner and their expertise. You can learn more about our practitioners here.

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