Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, qigong, Massage therapy, Naturopathic medicine, and Organic skin care offered by compassionate experts devoted to your care.


Acu-moxa therapy, which includes acupuncture, is a well-known modality in the broader Chinese medical system. Fine needles are used to stimulate particular points on the body to help with a variety of common health conditions.

Chinese Herbalism

Chinese herbalism is a unique and complex herbal tradition that relies on the same worldview & science as acupuncture. Combinations of herbs are used in precise ratios, guided by traditional Chinese diagnostics, to improve health.

Massage Therapy

We offer a diverse range of styles of massage therapy. Whatever the style, we aim to combine the soothing energy of relaxation massage with targeted therapeutic techniques, customized to suit your body & wellness goals. So much more than a luxury!

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine involves a wide variety of modalities, guided by the best of natural and allopathic medical theory. Naturopathic Doctors can help with any medical condition and can act as primary care physicians in Oregon.



Skin care is healthcare! And holistic skin care is a valuable contributor to a balanced approach to wellness. Our facials combine relaxing massage, organic products, relevant education & help with your regular skin routine.


Eminence Organics


Eminence Organics, based in Hungary, is an industry leader that creates all organic premium skin care products that taste and smell good enough to eat! We are so happy to bring these incredible products to the North Coast!

holistic healthcare for everyone

We believe that holistic healthcare is for everyone & that nobody should fear judgment or discrimination from their healthcare providers. We are continually working to educate & train ourselves & our staff to support the incredible, beautiful diversity of human beings that live and work in our communities. 

Our location is part of the medicine

Astoria is celebrated for its natural beauty which is largely shaped by water, especially the mighty Columbia River. Our clinic is perched on Pier 1 in the West Mooring Basin with a commanding view of the Astoria-Megler bridge and the gorgeous sunsets and storms. You'll feel the power of that natural beauty with every treatment - it is our secret ingredient.

a fun, dedicated & growing team

We believe in investing in and empowering the people that work at Watershed Wellness. We seek out devoted experts who are passionate about the work they do & are lifelong learners. We're looking to build the most joyful & talented healthcare team on the Oregon Coast - interested?


updates, education & fun

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