Eric’s herb focused practice


Starting in 2021, Eric Grey has begun to eliminate the acupuncture portion of his practice in order to focus on treatment with Chinese herbs.


While acupuncture and herbs are often practiced together in the US, in China, it is still relatively rare for a single practitioner to do both. Focusing on one modality allows for more specialized study time, and learning from clinical experience that is focused on the impact of herbs alone.

Herbal appointments are generally shorter and focused more on discussion, goal setting, and teaching you what you need to know in order to benefit best from treatment. While the first appointment is the same length as if you were getting acupuncture, your ongoing treatment plan may involve 15 or 30 minute sessions as well as the option for video check-ins in certain situations.

Because acupuncture is a powerful part of Chinese medicine treatment, he hasn't abandoned it entirely.

You are encouraged to see one of our acupuncture focused practitioners, of course, but if you prefer to stick with Eric for your treatment, all is not lost. He has created materials and methods to help you stimulate acupuncture points and channels at home in a way that is supportive of treatment. And for certain patients in very specific situations, Eric will still be doing acupuncture during appointments.

Another priority in herbs focused treatment is lifestyle guidance.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture are powerful allies in healing, no doubt. But, if you're coming in for biweekly acupuncture and taking an herbal formula, but are eating, drinking and moving in ways that worsen your pathological circumstances, then the treatment will be less effective. You may still make progress, but it will be slow and unpredictable.

Because of this, Eric is focused on helping patients to find a lifestyle that is truly supportive without engaging in judgmental or other triggering behaviors.

It is possible to gently encourage yourself to drop unhelpful habits and adopt new, better ones without berating yourself, or thinking yourself to be a terrible human being. Eric provides the guidance to help you make this possible, and the results are convincing!

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Written by Eric Grey

Eric is co-founder of Watershed Wellness and a Classical Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist. He specializes in the treatment of chronic, recalcitrant and difficult-to-treat diseases including auto-immune disorders, Lyme disease, migraines and digestive disorders.