High Resolution -114Many people who call Watershed are interested in cupping or cupping massage. This is an Asian form of bodywork that has become more well known since several celebrities were seen with large red marks on their backs. These marks, though not suffered by everyone who gets cupping, are a somewhat common occurrence after a good cupping treatment.

Cupping involves placing sterilized cups, typically made of glass, on bare skin and creating a vacuum between cup and skin so that the skin and fascia of that area are bound closely together – even sucking that area of skin slightly into the cup. It’s easier to see than it is to explain using words.

This weird sounding activity feels wonderful!

It’s like a nice focused, deep massage and promotes feelings of relaxation all over the body. Cupping is often done on the back, but can also be done on the larger areas of the legs, the neck and even on the lower arms. Cupping can easily be combined with other forms of massage as well as acupuncture.Cupping is the application of sterile glass cups to certain regions of the body.  The cups then may be moved or left in place, depending on desired effect.  It generally is a very relaxing treatment that is especially good for musculo-skeletal conditions.

Written by Watershed Team