5 Elements of Radiant Health

If you’ve found this page, you’re early. I’ve not even announced this course to the general public! I’ll be sharing more information in Fall 2023. The outline below will give you an idea of what the course will contain – but that plan will definitely morph over time.

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This course will introduce you to basic principles that I have seen produce the most consistent levels of health, wellness & happiness in my patients over 15 years of clinical practice. It is based on the ancient wisdom of classical Chinese medicine, but also incorporates insights from other traditions and modalities. It is intended to be used as a foundation for engaging with further education, skill building & hands-on treatment from qualified practitioners.

Module 1 – Intro & Orientation

  • Welcome, goals & best practices
  • Me & my approach
  • Values guiding this course
  • Essential vocabulary
  • What is Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM)?
  • Fundamental CCM physiology
  • Course outline & explanation – why these five phases are critical for complete health
  • Self-assessment and customizing the course
  • Safety and getting support

Module 2 – Fire / Mental & Emotional Health

  • What do we mean by mental & emotional health?
  • Relationship of mental, emotional, spiritual & physical health
  • Fire phase element symbolism & its meaning
  • The Heart & Small Intestine – consciousness, executive function
  • The Pericardium & Triple Burner – emotional regulation, relationships
  • The critical importance of sleep & rest in mental-emotional health
  • Productivity, work and mental-emotional health
  • The role of community & connection in mental-emotional health
  • How serving others can help your heart
  • Getting help with mental & emotional health, dealing with a crisis
  • Self care – qigong and other movement
  • Self care – acupressure & self massage
  • Self care – herbs, supplements & other additions

Module 3 – Earth / Digestion, Food & Eating

  • The importance of food & eating
  • Earth phase element symbolism & its meaning
  • The spleen & stomach – eating, absorption & elimination
  • The standard American diet and its problems
  • Why we’re not going to focus on weight loss
  • Orthexia, diet purism, diet cycling and other unhelpful approaches to food
  • Approaches to diet fads & diet advice
  • Chinese medicine oriented dietary principles
  • Mindful eating
  • Intuitive eating
  • How to shift your diet away from the SAD to something more supportive of total health
  • Digestive health & why we talk about bowels so much
  • Shopping, meal planning, cooking & working with others in the home
  • Self care – qigong and other movement
  • Self care – acupressure & self massage
  • Self care – herbs, supplements & other additions

Module 4 – Metal / Environmental Health

  • What is “environmental health” and why does it matter?
  • Metal phase element symbolism & its meaning
  • The Lung & Large Intestine – air, water, toxins & energy
  • Feng shui & other ways of considering environmental flow
  • Air quality – indoor & outdoor
  • Cleanliness & organization, its role in your health
  • The influence of artificial fragrances
  • Noise, light & energetic intensity in your immediate environment
  • Water quality, water filtration & the truth about hydration
  • Plastics, microplastics & what to freak out about
  • Smoke, smoking, vaping & other intentional inhalations
  • Parasites, parasites, everywhere
  • The balance between obsession & awareness in environmental health
  • Environmental health & environmental degradation – the role of climate change
  • Self care – qigong and other movement
  • Self care – acupressure & self massage
  • Self care – herbs, supplements & other additions

Module 5 – Water / Spiritual Health

  • How we’re going to talk about spirituality & religion with respect
  • My background, orientation & biases
  • How does Chinese medicine think about spirituality and “energy”
  • Water phase element symbolism & its meaning
  • The Kidney & Bladder – standing between heaven & earth, lineage & connection to something greater
  • Connections and divisions between medicine and spirituality
  • Meditation and contemplative inquiry
  • Philosophical orientation – asking the big questions
  • Collective spirituality – the role of spiritual community on health
  • Retreat practice – stepping away and making space for contemplation
  • But I’m not spiritual… how you can benefit anyway
  • Self care – qigong and other movement
  • Self care – acupressure & self massage
  • Self care – herbs, supplements & other additions

Module 6 – Wood / Movement & Nat ure

  • The critical role of movement at all stages of life
  • Movement for everyone & avoiding the pitfalls of a “fitness” mentality
  • Wood phase element symbolism & its meaning
  • The Liver & Gallbladder – energy, motion & healthy activity
  • Keys to building an effective movement routine
  • Injury avoidance and rehabilitation, when to push through
  • Foundations of qigong, history of Jin Jing Gong lineage
  • The value of getting out in nature (and what “nature” means)
  • Connecting with the rhythm of the seasons & how it benefits you
  • Matching activity to nature’s movements
  • Self care – acupressure, self massage & topical applications
  • Self care – herbs, supplements & other additions

Module 7 – Putting it All Together & Moving Forward

  • Where we’ve been & what it means
  • How to make time for adding these things to your daily routine
  • Involving your work, your family & other life factors
  • Connecting this with work you are doing with healthcare practitioners
  • The pitfalls of perfectionism, comparing yourself & self judgment
  • What is progress in health & wellness?
  • How to build on what we’ve learned – how to connect with me

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